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Who we are 

Optimo Medical AG is a Swiss-based European med-tech company with a passion for eye care. We are dedicated to design, develop, produce and distribute products and applications that help ophthalmologists, surgeons and eye care professionals more accurately predict each individual outcome of cataract and ocular surgery. The combination of many years of experience in corneal biomechanics and simulation technology makes Optimo Medical a leader in biomechanical simulations of corneal and ocular tissue.

What we do

Optimo Medical and its product OptimeyesTM enable eye surgeons to simulate and evaluate each patient-specific cataract surgery preoperatively. The surgeon conducts a virtual clinical simulation before the operation based on each individual patient’s corneal measurements. This allows him/her to know exactly where to operate to give the best post-cataract surgery result and eliminate blurred vision.

By providing surgeons with a precise solution that considerably outperforms existing procedures, eye care professionals and patients can be confident that their surgery will result in the best visual outcome to minimize and manage astigmatism.

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Why use the OptimeyesTM procedure?

  • OptimeyesTM replaces guessing with knowing
  • Individual and precise for each patient
  • Increased confidence for surgeons to manage cataract IOL implants and astigmatism in one operation
  • Improved visual outcome. Reduces the need for further operations or glasses for distance vision correction
  • Accurate, safe, state-of-the-art technology
  • OptimeyesTM is simple, uses existing equipment and is extremely cost effective

Want to know more?

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