Virtual Clinical Trials

VCT with your surgical technique and our large patient data base.

The OptimeyesTM simulation framework can do much more than the CE marked product. Although not directly applicable to patients, the software can be used to run parametric simulation studies on our large cases database. Clinical Directors can save time and money with “virtual clinicals”. The virtual clinical trials are executed based on data cases stored in our Optimeyes data base. 

Virtual Clinical Studies


Profit from the unique combination of expertise in corneal biomechanics, ANSYS’ robust numerical simulation platform, and the Optimeyes tools. With years of experience in research in the field of corneal biomechanics and simulation, we provide you with consulting and expertise for your questions. With our software suite we can offer support in answering your development questions, and in understanding corneal behavior.

Some examples of studies which were run with OptimeyesTM are given in the following list:

  • Parameter sensitivity analysis (optical zone, incision depth, off-axis, ...) in Arcuate Keratotomy.
  • Comparison of biomechanical effects and stability after LASIK vs SMILE surgery.
  • Contact lens placement on the cornea.
  • Impact of patient-interface shape on femto-second laser incisions.
  • Refractive effect of patterned collagen cross-linking.
  • Effect of corneal inlay implantation depth on biomechanics and corneal topography.
  • ...