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Testimonials and Case Studies


Read more about the experiences of the OptimeyesTM users and the treated patients.

Case Study


Helfried E.

Age: 79
Hobbies:  hiking, skiing


Cataract, 1.6D astigmatism, needs several spectacles everyday 


AK surgery
planned with Optimeyes
Result: 0.3D astigm., spectacle-free

Patient Helfried E.

A 79-year-old active hill walker from Salzburg presented for routine cataract surgery at SALK Universitätsklinik für Augenheilkunde und Optometrie with the objective of receiving monovision. The patient had worn distance and reading glasses up till the operation and now he wanted to experience the freedom of good (distance and near) vision without glasses as he did not like walking or skiing with glasses and often “forgot” them even though his vision was far from ideal.

The objective for surgery and using Optimeyes simulation data was to achieve emmetropia in the right eye and moderate monovision in left to remove the need for glasses.

The cataract surgery was undertaken with monofocal IOLs (both) and left Arcuate Keratotomy incisions. Following OptimeyesTM results, the left eye astigmatism was reduced to 0.3D with little change in the axis.

The patient can now drive without glasses AND can see the all the instruments on the car dashboard; he can watch TV and read the newspaper spectacle-free and can now do small, intricate work in his house such as fixing things with superglue.

A slight but noticeable side-effect was the need for sunglasses following the operation but their usage has reduced over the period.

University Clinic Salzburg
Comment by Prof. Reitsamer, who operated Mr E.:

We even use Optimeyes for non-standard monovision cases with special challenges like Mr. E. As well as the medical and optical results I am very happy with the result because the patient is happy. He is a sporty man who, despite his age of 79, is a very passionate skier and outdoors person. He has rediscovered his youth, to a certain extent, and now can do more than he was expecting in his life. The use of Optimeyes has taken his post-op cataract vision to new standard which has delighted him. The Optimeyes planning software has allowed us to predict the visual outcome with confidence and achieve the aim of minimizing astigmatism. Optimeyes has given him, and others, a true personalized solution.


What our users say:

Optimeyes is a great simulation software for surgical cornea correction. The software is easy to use and thus enables efficient clinical use and avoids application errors.

Prof. Dr. Bojan Pajic

Data input for Optimeyes only takes a few moments and uses standard data formats. Entering the data is fast and easy and the user interface is clear and intuitive. The results of our first applications are very promising.

Dr. Hannes Kraker

What Key Opinion Leaders say:

I am certainly very happy about this research and am looking forward to seeing this a wide spread used product. 

Prof. Dr. Dan Reinstein

Optimeyes has great potential for rapid and precise correction of small corneal astigmatism in the course of Cataract surgery.

Prof. em. Dr. Günther Grabner

Optimo Medical has developed a package for biomechanical simulations with great potential for individualized treatment planning.

Prof. Michael Mrochen

I really wish to have such a validated tool for my daily clinical use to improve accuracy of my refractive and therapeutic cases.

Prof. Renato Ambrosio, Jr.

CBEssentials Magazine

| Essentials of Corneal Biomechanics | Issue 1 | Volume 1 |


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Optimeyes Brochure

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